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Grind Types

Grind Types:

Seven Star Coffee sells two grind options - Drip Grind and Whole Bean.  All of our ground coffee is a drip grind, which is an excellent middle ground when it comes to coarseness.  Coarser grinds could lead to under-extraction of the beans, and fine grinds could lead to over-extraction or gritty coffee if you don't use the proper technique, so we chose to sell the perfect middle ground designed for the average coffee-drinker.

If you're more interested in getting a specific grind type, we also sell all of our coffees in whole bean varieties, so that you can grind it exactly the way you'd like.

Here is how each types of grind may be used:

Extra Coarse Grind: Cold brew coffee, or other methods where the coffee steeps for a very long time, to get proper extraction.

Coarse Grind: French Press, Cupping

Medium-Coarse Grind: Cafe Solo, Chemex

Medium Grind: Drip coffee makers - the right grind for most people

Medium-Fine Grind: Pourover Cones, Vacuum Pots, Siphon Brewers

Fine Grind: Espresso, Moka Pot

Extra Fine Grind: Turkish Coffee