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Seven Star Coffee Co.

Bali Blue Moon Single Origin Coffee

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Organic Bali Blue Moon Specialty Coffee


Our organic Bali Blue Moon single-origin coffee is grown by small farms in the Kintamani region of Bali, in Indonesia at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,600 meters. The single-origin Indonesian coffee is hand picked, wet hulled, and dried on raised beds, then roasted to a smooth medium-dark to bring out the chocolate and molasses notes of the coffee.  Try our medium-dark roasted Bali Blue Moon single-origin coffee today!

It is hand picked, wet-hulled, and dried on raised beds, and the darker roast allows more of the warmer, chocolatey flavors of the coffee to come through.  This allows for a fuller, bolder, less acidic cup of coffee, and makes for an excellent daily drinker.

Roast Level:


Medium dark roast coffee 


Roasted to Order:

Seven Star Coffee has made a commitment to offer only the freshest coffee to our customers.  Most coffee from grocery stores and large coffee chains is anywhere from 3-6 months post-roast by the time you buy it off a shelf.  This is well past the coffee's prime, and severely degrades the drinking experience.

With Seven Star Coffee, every bag of coffee is roasted to order, which means your coffee doesn't get roasted until the day you order it, ensuring your coffee is the freshest it can possibly be.  Depending on our lead time, when you receive your coffee, it is no more than 5-10 days post-roast, giving you the freshest coffee you can get online.



All of Seven Star Coffee's products are sustainably and ethically sourced from small farmers around the world.  The coffee industry is notorious for low wages and poor working conditions, but we take pride in supporting small independent farmers around the world, whose employees are treated fairly and equitably.

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For orders 12 bags or larger, please reach out to us for bulk pricing!  We can acommodate very large orders with a large discount off our regular prices.

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